Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is most definitely talking in front of people. I have to do my Senior Exit Project tomorrow and I’m scared to death. This determined my graduation and if I mess up in screwed


My High School Crushes

Hello readers,

Today I will be taking about my high school crushes. I know a lot about this due to the fact I have many crushes at my school, I’m a senior, and one of them is younger than me, so it feels weird but I know it’s not because tons of couples out there are different ages and stuff, but this is high school. So my crush in my math class. She’s got the most beautiful eyes, and the nicest smile. She brightens up my day as it is the last class of the day. She also laughs at all my jokes and gets all my jokes. But she is way out of my league and she has a boyfriend so, I can’t be messing with that sorta stuff because I ain’t no home wrecker, ha-ha. But none the less this girl is all out special in my life even if she doesn’t know it maybe someday in the future we can be something more than friends

My First Blog

Hello this is my first blog ever, I don’t know how to do this but I hope to entertain some people I’m not a professional, obviously since I just started. Hmm, how should I introduce myself? I guess I can start with how I got into blogging. It all started when I went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My cousin, showed me his blog ( so i got intrigued, I didn’t start one right away, but i liked the fact that you could spill your thoughts out on the internet. Anyways, My online handle is KingLilo, and I am a high school student that lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. I love playing video games, I play CSGO and League of Legends, I’m Hmong (a type of Asian). I am interested in girls. I have no political views. I love food, especially Pizza, and anything made from Potatoes(except Potato Salad). So I guess that’s it for me right now, ill try to post something everyday, or at least every other day. Good bye! Thanks for reading this! 😀


My thoughts on Life.

This is a semi controversial topic, but my thoughts on life rest at this, I think that everyone does have some type of purpose, as so in comics where the superhero is supposed to be in there to save the worlds and so on, but my view is more like everyone is supposed to be here, even if you feel like nothing in life is going to get better, things probably wont, if you keep thinking that way, you always gotta stay positive. For example, if you really like a girl/boy and you confess yourself to them and they dont feel the same way, dont take it to hard, yes you may think that you two may be a great couple or something, but they have probably said the same thing, where they asked themselves that question, and just decided that the answer was no, but even so, there are more people on this earth, than just that one person. Just like the famous YouTuber Roman Atwood would say, “Smile More.”